Dermoplasma plasma pen treatment

Dermoplasma is a safe and effective treatment device that uses the power of plasma to tighten and rejuvenate your skin. Plasma instantly stimulates the skin to contract and tighten in a process known as fibroblasting, making it an ideal Soloution for lines and wrinkles.

Dermoplasma provides a very effective alternative to surgery for correcting the signs of aging, and is a viable alternative to injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers. Dermoplasma is suitable for treating many different areas that are commonly affected by sundamage, scarring or signs of aging, including: 

Bunny lines

Crows feet 

Frown lines 

Wrinkling, sagging neck 

Smokers lines 

Sagging  jawline 

Drooping  upper and lower eyelids 

Smile lines 

Nasolabial  fold  

Wrinkled hands

Marionette lines 

When will I see results ?

Results can often be seen right away, then they go on to improve over the coming weeks as the skin creates new collagen and elastin. 

How long will the results last ?

The results of the Dermoplasma treatment are dramatic and long lasting, up to 3 years.  A single treatment will be enough to achieve the desired results. However if you want a second treatment for a stronger result then it can be reapeated one more time but only after 3 months. 
One of the advantages of dermoplasma is its ability to last a very long time after the initial treatment and so because of this longevity the treatment is classed as permanent and will only have to be repeated every 3 years or more. This is because the aging process is continuous and the skin will keep aging every day after the procedure and this cannot be stopped.

Why choose Dermoplasma to rejuvenate my skin:

Dermoplasma has many advantages over other forms of facial rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments.

It triggers the body's own natural healing and repair systems and will help with the reduction of Fine lines, Wrinkles, Hypo-pigmentation, Stretch marks, Acne scarring.

Non invasive

No need for injections 

No abrasive removal of skin 

Quick and safe procedure  

Fast recovery time 

Long lasting results 

No scars

No thinning of skin 

What does the treatment feel like and is it painful?

Dermoplasma is a straightforward procedure that doesn't require an injectable anaesthetic.
You will however have a topical anaesthetic cream or gel applied to the treatment area to ensure comfort throughout the treatment. This treatment is designed to be painless but you may feel a sensation like a small rubber band ping or little light zaps on the skin, or you may feel nothing at all. 
Either way if any discomfort is present it will be minimal.

After the treatment:

You may not look your absolute best during the initial healing process (Usally for 3/4 days right after treatment

but it's so worth the wait.

You may feel a little sore like sunburn and it will be tender to touch as there will be a little swelling around the treatment area but it is minimal and will clear up within a few days. Small crusts form at the point of treatment but again these will clear up and fall off within a few days and will be gone with a week. 
You will be given an aftercare balm, cream or gel to apply to your skin. This will soothe your skin and speed up the healing process and over the following weeks you will see the changes taking place as the new collagen and elastin build up within your skin. 

What aftercare do I follow?

Dermoplasma treatment aftercare is straightforward and simple and it will all be explained to you at the end of the treatment.
You will be given an aftercare leaflet with an aftercare  balm, cream or gel to apply to your skin. This will soothe your skin and speed up the healing process.

Over the following weeks you will see the changes taking place as the new collagen and elastin build up within your skin. 

How long does healing take?

After the treatment you may feel a little tender and there may be some swelling around the treatment area but it is minimal and clears up in a few days. Also small carbon crusts form at the point of treatment ( small polka dots) but  again these will clear up, fall off and be gone within a few days too.

What do you avoid before and after treatment?

You may continue with your daily activities but you should avoid all treatments that can be abrasive on the skin, laser treatments, prolonged strong sunlight exposure, sunbeds,saunas, Botox and fillers up to 30 days before and 30 days after. 

Contraindications for this treatment.

Pregnant or breast feeding women

Blood thinning medication 

keloid scarring 




Forehead lines  (Price on consultation)

Frown Lines £100

Bunny Lines £100


Upper Eyelids  £250

Lower eye £250

Upper & Under eye £400

Crows feet  £150

All 3 eye area £500

Eyebrow lift  £200


Nasolabial Folds  £150

Marionette LInes  £100


Top Lip £200

Bottom Lip £200

Top & Bottom £350

Lift lip  £200


Neck lines (Price on consultation) 


Full face £1500

Upper  face £500

Lower  face £500

Neck £500


Scar from  £100

Skin Tags from  £50.00

Stretch marks  (Price on consultation)

Age spots / Pigmentation from  £50.00

Acne scarring (Price on consultation)


Second treatment will be in 12 weeks time and are 1/2 of the original treatment price.




You can resume normal activities immediately after treatment. 

A sensation like sunburn is often observed, this is perfectly normal as this is just the heat leaving your skin. If you feel particularly aware of the treatment area, an anti inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken or 
you can put a cooling pack on the skin but don't apply this straight onto skin. Wrap it in a towel before applying to the area. 

Do not pick, peel or pull carbon crusts - wait for them to disappear naturally. This period is crucial.

The area must be kept free from all forms of make up and creams except for aftercare cream or gels, but once the carbon crusts have gone you can wear your normal make- up  again

Clense the area twice daily with a mild soap  or baby shampoo and warm water to avoid any build up of bacteria. 

Avoid very hot showers on the treatmented area. 

Do not use alcohol glycolic based cleansers, exfoliators as this will irritate the skin.

Do not apply plasters as this will slow down healing process

Expect some swelling for 1-5 days after treatment. This is a normal reaction, and part of the initial stages of the skin healing and rebuilding.

Swelling is usually at the peak on the day 2 or 3 but will have subsided by day 5.

To prevent scabbing, clients should keep the area moist and supplement your diet with additional vitamin c.

It is highly unlikely that you would ever get an infection from a Dermoplasma treatment as, the micro trauma that is cause does not open the skin. However the first 12 hours post treatment is of vital importance in protecting your skin from any kind of potential infection. So take extra care with your aftercare routine.

You must contact me if the area gets hot, red and show any signs of infection.

There may be occasional weeping, this is normal and part of the healing response.

As the area heals and dries, a light crust can form on the skin and will be slightly itchy.

Do not pick this instead try and keep it clean and dry as possible.

You must revisit for a review between 6-12 weeks.

You must wear SPF 50 and stay out the sun 4-6 weeks while your skin is in the healing stage. This period is also crucial as the SPF will protect your new skin and avoid any hyperpigmentation.