What is a Beautician?

The beautician is a professional who has a perfect knowledge of the skin, cosmetics, care techniques, aesthetic massages, waxing, manicure, makeup ... It provides care for face and body to its clients according to their type skin and their specific needs.

These healing techniques affect the effects of aging, improve skin texture, and hide her imperfections ... She advises her clients in choosing products and how to use them, according to their wishes.

The beautician practices in different places: beauty salons, perfumeries, drugstores, hairdressing salons, health spas and thermal baths, spas major hotels, home, hospitals, retirement homes ...


  • Morales: politeness, courtesy, diplomacy, availability, discretion, tact and psychology, alertness, sense of business, curiosity and ability to take initiatives are essential.
  •  Physical: good physical strength is a serious asset.
    • a) The beautician must be impeccable, feminine through and through, well coiffed, tied hair, nails short, no piercing, it must ensure his breath
    • b) Touch: good manual skill is essential. The hands have a crucial role and the most advanced devices will never replace the contact, softness and warmth of the hands of the beautician. The power of hands is undeniable: eles can soften, relax, relieve tension and stress that often cause skin disorders and skin problems. The best cosmetics will never reach their maximum efficiency without the hands of the beautician.
    • c) Eyes: it is necessary to have a good view, corrected if necessary, the meaning of colors, shades and reliefs.
  •   Professional: the beautician must:
    • have a great artistic sense and control the harmony of colors and shapes to guide his client,
    • have qualities of good manager, combined with technical and scientific knowledge,
    • have the ability to communicate, to interact with its customers.


To address vocational training, it is necessary to have basic knowledge (3rd level) and a minimum of general knowledge.

It will acquire:

  • knowledge of anatomy, physiology,
  • notions of chemistry and cosmetology to understand and explain to clients the value, choice and action of beauty products,
  • an artistic sense to make beautiful makeup and showcase your space,
  • mastering sales techniques to become a counselor salesperson who will choose products tailored to the needs of his client,
  • the practice of English including Business English.

Activities of a Beautician

  • She plucks with new waxes, less hot than before, more enjoyable and disposable.
  • She takes care of the face, choississant products adapted to each skin type, advising the frequency of care at the institute, explaining the use of beauty products, extending the benefits of care.
  • She takes care of hands and feet, nail filing, sanding and shaping calluses these body parts so often forgotten.
  • It works to help its clients find their line with massages, muscultation devices, dietary advice and lifestyle. It provides relaxation and well-being with a range of massages.
  • She makeup to highlight the face, skin, eyes. It highlights the personality and through his guidance, clients can regain confidence in themselves and leave the institute in shape, well in their head and in their bodies.