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The plasma pen fibroblast treatment

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Is plasma energy in the form of short pulses from the plasma pen which comes through the fractional and permeating tips that are attached to the plasma pen.

These tips are specifically designed for advance skin rejuvenation when applied to the skin.

The fractional tip creates a thermal stimulation of fibroblasts within the top layers of the skin in preparation for the next stage with the permeating tip which allows therapeutic substances to be diffused into dermal layers of the skin, enhancing the dermal density of Collagen and elastin through this stimulation of the fibroblast cells, which overall strengthens, repairs and plumps out the skin, resulting in brighter tighter healthier looking skin.

Active substances serums such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c or other serums or antioxidants are pushed deep with the layers of the skin without the need for traditional boosters or injections.

Treatment Benefits  

  • Brightens, refreshes and enhances diffusion of active ingredients for optimum skin rejuvenation 
  • Reduction in hyperpigmentation, melasma and photoaging skin 
  • Dramatically increases Fibroblast stimulation 
  • No downtime 
  • No anaesthetic 
  • Improves appearance of aging skin Reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Super charges the healing process post plasma pen treatments
  • Perfect alternative  to the Plasmapen treatment