Advanced Facial Treatments

Dermaplanepro facial

Dermaplane pro UK qualified 

I trained with Nicola Russell from skin geek. She is the only trainer that is certified and approved in the UK to train people in the Dermaplane pro facial. They have their own specific skin care preparation products and the sterile blades that I trained with are also unique to this company too, they cannot be copied or sold to anyone other than a dermaplane pro professional.

I am a fully qualified, fully insured and the room that I 


What is Dermaplaning? 

Demaplaning is a safe and pain free facial procedure. 

Its an intense but gentle exfoliation treatment of the skin with a difference, using a specialist scalpel with a butter blade, this will completely and flawlessly remove the top layer of dead skin cells (The stratum corneum layer ) that make the face look dull and tired looking. It will also remove the fine vellus hair on the face known as "peach fuzz"

What are the benefits of dermaplaning ?

Softer, smoother &more youthful complexion

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Increased skin absorption of topical skin products 

Flawless make up application. 

Does it hurt? 

No, not at all . 

Skin peels

Peel and reveal beautiful skin

These superficial skin peels are pain free exfoliating and dissolving the most outer layer of the skin, leaving the skin freshly renewed and super refreshed.

Enzyme peel for dry /normal skin types

Glycolic 10% peel for blemished / acne skin types

lactic acid 10% peel: suitable dry sensitive skin 

Salicylic acid 2% peel: suitable for acne blemished

Plasmaportation facial

Is plasma energy in the form of short pulses from the plasma pen which comes through the fractional and permeating tips that are attached to the plasma pen.

These tips are specifically designed for advance skin rejuvenation when applied to the skin.

The fractional tip creates a thermal stimulation of fibroblasts within the top layers of the skin in preparation for the next stage with the permeating tip which allows therapeutic substances to be diffused into dermal layers of the skin, enhancing the dermal density of Collagen and elastin through this stimulation of the fibroblast cells, which overall strengthens, repairs and plumps out the skin, resulting in brighter tighter healthier looking skin.

Active substances serums such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c or other serums or antioxidants are pushed deep with the layers of the skin without the need for traditional boosters or injections.