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Skincare News

Wireless sensors that stick to the skin to track our health

Engineers have developed experimental stickers that pick up physiological signals emanating from the skin, then wirelessly beam these health readings to a receiver clipped onto clothing. It's all part of a system called BodyNet.

New pain organ discovered in the skin

Researchers have discovered a new sensory organ that is able to detect painful mechanical damage, such as pricks and impacts.

Moles on the body largely influenced by genetics, finds new study

A new study has found that genes have a greater influence than previously thought not only on the number of moles you have but also where they are on your body.

Mode of delivery at birth may play key role in shaping the child's skin microbiome

In a new study, investigators found that bacterial genera in children were more similar to those of their own mothers than to those of unrelated women. Their data suggest that the mode of delivery at birth could be an important factor in shaping the child's microbiome.

Barriers to fungal infection diagnosis

A new survey identifies several barriers that prevent the consistent use of fungal diagnostic preparations to correctly identify cutaneous fungal infections.